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BBWA Members often have events relating to their own businesses and we are sure you will find some of these interesting:


From member Lynda Bevan, The Royal High School.
The BBWA has a strong link with the Royal High School her in Bath.  These young ladies will be the businesswomen on the future so we want to support them.

Saturday 9th March 2019
The Royal High School, Bath

‘RHS Rocks the Crane
Tickets for RHS Rocks are £15 each and can be purchased online: www.RHSRocks.eventbrite.co.uk

On Saturday 9th March the RHS will be continuing their celebrations of 20 Years of RHS, following the joining of Bath High and the Royal School in 1998, with RHS Rocks for the Crane.  This will be a fantastic evening of bop-inducing live entertainment from the Purple Fish Tribute Band, co-founded by former member of staff Adrienne Hale, and Mick Jogger and the Stones Experience supported by the RHS Community Choir.  There will be a bar, African street food and a raffle of tempting prizes.

This will not only be a huge amount of fun but also a wonderful opportunity to help raise funds for our sister school, the Crane Academy in Kitale, Kenya.  Many of the girls who attend the school are orphans and others have parents who struggle to afford even the modest tuition fees.

Although its facilities and resources are very limited, the Crane Academy is doing valuable work to help give the rising generation a better future. Our association with the Crane started in 2006 and developed out of a GAP Year placement in by a former Royal High student who inspired us to forge a long term relationship.  Since then the whole school community in Bath has committed itself to supporting a trust fund which has been set up specifically to pay the fees of children who would otherwise have no formal education and to meet at least some of their very basic educational needs.  

Whilst the whole of our school community benefits immeasurably from our connection with the school in Kitale, Kenya, we are deeply conscious of the fundamental differences that exist between the prosperity and privilege evident in Bath and the relative poverty of Kitale, an agricultural region in north west Kenya that lies just south of the Uganda border.







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